Chest of drawers ideas article for interior design blog

The dynamics of home furnishings have gone up, and thanks to the internet, there is a flourishing wealth of ideas in home design, each unique from the other.

One of the focal points of home design has to be furniture. There are various styles available each attributed to different cultures, religion, or rather attached to a specific geographic location. In medieval times, kings and queens had the best furniture as did the noblemen. Nowadays, homeowners are inspired by such historical times such as the renaissance period while looking into cultures such as the far east in India and China.

Improvement and Transformations

With better equipment that is more accurate, carpenters are able to recreate accurate impressions of furniture similar to vintage ones. A core challenge that has a direct bearing on pricing is the material or type of wood used. Hardwood is more preferred but as a result of the conservation efforts and the time it takes to grow this type of wood, the pricing for this particular material goes up. One common method of capitalizing on this disadvantage is the improvement and/or transformation of old furniture. Actually, this is where the interior design skills prove to be a masterstroke of genius. Take, for instance, using an old shelf and converting it into a wardrobe or modifying to transform it into a chest of drawers( Some of the methods include;

  • Re-facing
  • Painting
  • Trimming
  • Coating with wallpaper

While you can add wallpapers, repaint, trim, increase the volume and so forth, you can come up with a new design for a particular utility. Using design to transform a shelf to eg:

  • A bench with storage
  • A kitchen island
  • An open shelf with closed drawers
  • Trimming it into a desk
  • Trimming it into a shoe rack
  • A mudroom bench
  • A dresser

Each transformation is unique to a particular design. A kitchen island will require a form of alteration where you trim the size to suit the kitchen outlay in terms of height and width. You will need a few additional features considering it will be subjected to a certain degree of heat or hot objects placed on its surface, like a stove. Perhaps covering it with a blackboard will do a lot to keep the stove from damaging the wood surface. Finally, you can install some hooks for hanging your skillet while adding pulls for your drawers where you keep some table wrap and cutlery. There is a myriad of ideas you can implement and convert a simple shelf into various forms of home furniture using the aforementioned methods.

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